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Felső vázcsőtáska TWINA

8.990 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Gyártó: Extend
Suitable for different types of bicycles
2 side sections with zipper and with additional bag cover for increased durability and a separate 6,6 inch (16.76 cm) section for the phone is zipped with increased water and humidity resistance
Universal length of Velcro for various types of bicycle frames
After matching and adjusting the bag on the top tube, the suction cups on the bottom of the bag have to be moistened and pressed against the frame for better stability of the bag
The color of the material fits in trendy fashion and is universal for all color combinations of frames
The bag has an all-around internal padding and protects everything inside the bag
The green lining inside the bag with the E logo and the Extend logotype makes it easier and more transparent to handle the contents of the bag
The top of the bag with transparent foil has a zipper with waterproof finish. The foil allows smooth control of touch phones
Reflective logo E for passive safety increase and better rider visibility

Dimmensions (1 compartment): 19x15x5cm


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