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Nyeregtáska Extend ZAG

8.990 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Gyártó: Extend
Saddle bag made of 100% PES with the waterproof coating dedicated for all, who is searching TOP quality products.
All parts, including zipper has zipper puller with embossed EXTEND logo (has special zipper garage), are welded by press machine and provide 100% protection against moisture and rain, what´s important for protection of electronic devices have water sensitive construction.
Mounting with design velcros under the saddle rails and seat post.
When fully opened, inner space is protected by mesh with elastic lining.
Additional protection of inner space against scratch is provided by extra zippered pocket with the size: 13 cm * 6 cm, (keys for e-bikes, Visa card), fixed on the wall by velcro (removable).
Higher visibility on the road during the night ride is provided by reflective logos.

Measurement:19 cm * 10,5 cm * 6 cm(maximum size)


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