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P2R SPECTIC 10 Hátsó lámpa

3.990 Ft
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
Gyártó: P2R
USB rechargeable safety lighting P2R SPECTIC 10

Universal - the best word captures this model properties satisfy the demands of every cyclists.
With the universal holder allows mount the light vertically or horizontally, this model offers a very simple and fast alternative suitable for almost all types and diameters of seatposts.

Design - with its unique style, wide viewing angle for drivers and simple and practical design, it will delight the taste of every cyclist
Weight - 31 g
Battery life time > - depending on the selected lighting mode, a maximum of 15 hours is sufficient for any even a multi-day trip
IPX-4 protects in any weather conditions
Visibility - thanks to the unique design, visibility is up to 270 °

Light output: 10 Lm
Light source: 5 x SMD LEDs
Battery type: Li-pol 200mAh
Battery life and modes: 100% ( 3h ), flashing LED selection 1 ( 15h ), flashing of all LEDs ( 6h ), flashing LED selection 2 ( 8h )
Dimensions: 69 x 20 x 16 mm (lenght x width - light body)

Micro USB charging cable (included)

Suitable for almost all common seatpost shapes and diameters