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Extend PRESTIGE fejvédő neon-yellow S/M (55-58cm) shine

18.900 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Gyártó: Extend
Model PRESTIGE is in EXTEND range rated as the No. 1 and it is developed especially for those enthusiasts, who love freedom on road bike.
With technical and design features it meets inquiries for professional road racing helmet.
The inner shape of the helmet optimized in accordance with rider´s requests and the structure itself is increasing the strenth and durability and provides the highest safety while fall down accidentally.

Size: S/M (55 58 cm)
Colors: neon yellow shine, polar white shine, dark black matt

Main features:
Produced by In-mould technology
Weight: S/M, 210g, M/L 230g
21 air channels ensure the hot air dissipation and perfect helmet ventilation on the trail
The shape of the helmet fits the head and ensures the comfort while wearing it
Horizontally adjustable fitting system (3 points) ensures the higher safety
2-density adjust system arms ensures the higher comfort in ear area
Air vents structure allows wear the sunglasses onto the helmet
ESB - easy slide buckle for fast and easy straps adjustment
ETS2 - Easy turn dial ring system for easy and snug head size adjustement (even if you wear gloves)
Reflective details for enhanced safety
Replaceable inner padding (included)
b>Luxury suede pocket protects against dust and scratching while storage the helmet
CE certificate guarantees the quality in accordance with EU regulations

Package content :
replaceable inner padding
luxury suede pocket




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