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FSA PowerBox Carbon ABS 386EVO 53/39, 172,5mm

459.990 Ft
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Gyártó: FSA
FSA PowerBox cranksets use proven power2max® power meter spider technology for precise power measurements, combined with proven FSA crankset construction featuring the innovative BB386EVO 30mm spindle system that fits any frame.
Spider-based power sensors provide total power output measurement of both legs, with Left & Right leg output analysis available with system upgrade*.
The FSA PowerBox BB386EVO power meters are the first choice for riders wanting ease of use, precise and reliable power measurement and robust construction.

• Hollow carbon arms with UD carbon finish
• BB386EVO 30mm AL7050 Alloy spindle fits every frame (purchase BB separately)
• AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
• AL7075 Torx T-30 alloy chainring bolts
• Q-Factor 149mm
• Chainline 44mm
• BCD 110mm ABS
• Fits 10&11 speed systems
• Weight 733g

• Auto Zero: every time you stop pedaling for 3 seconds or more your power2max “re-zeros”, no need to re-zero manually.
• No cadence magnet needed: you don’t need to install a cadence magnet on your bike. Your power2max calculates cadence recisely using its internal accelerometer.
• Battery change: when the time comes to change your battery – after 300 to 400 hours of use (6,000 to 12,000km) – you can do it yourself.

Power2max power meters deliver precise and reliable data under all conditions: whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, you can rely on your power2max. power2max power meters are waterproof, resisting even the strongest rain. The in-built temperature compensation mechanism ensures that your power2max stays accurate in changing weather.

±2% Precision
Power2max power meters deliver state of the art data: they achieve an accuracy of ±2% or better including all environmental influences. power2max power meters achieves this accuracy through a refined design and high quality manufacturing processes.

Designed, engineered, and made in Germany
Power2max manufactures the power meters in Germany with the highest quality production standards.

Power2max power meters use the ANT+ standard to transmit data wirelessly to your bike computer. The ANT+ standard guarantees reliable transmission and offers a large number of bike computers to choose from.

Bluetooth ready
Power2max FSA power meters are Bluetooth ready and can be upgraded to transmit the data wirelessly not only with ANT+, but also via Bluetooth communication


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