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Hátsó lámpa P2R TALIX 30 USB fékszenzoros, fényérzekelős

8.490 Ft
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
Gyártó: Extend
P2R TALIX 30 is high quality COB LED, USB rechargeable, CNC machining aluminum alloy safety lamp especially designed for cycling enthusiasts who love innovations, enhanced safety, beauty and high efficiency in one.
Using 2 different brackets (seat post bracket and T-wing bracket for saddle rails), this light is useful for 2 different bikes (for example MTB and Road racing bike). Mount your light to bike you are going to use, takes just a few minutes of your time.
Integrated AUTO BRAKE sensor indicates your braking all the time in all modes, no matter day or night conditions and informs car drivers driving car behind you.

Besides braking indication, this light offers further advanced features and works in 2 different modes follow :

1. MANUAL mode – possible to switch all modes freely, and whatever the mode, when detecting braking motion, it will go to steady light lasting for 3 seconds, and turn back to original mode after braking automatically.

2. AUTO mode

With AUTO braking sensor activated, light doesn´t indicate lighting or flashing function and safe battery. Once the motion is detected, it will go to active mode and steady light lasting for 3 seconds when detecting braking motion automatically.

When dark conditions and movement with your bike is indicated, dark and moving sensor activates light with the last mode chosen (memory remembers your last mode used) and start working automatically. Light goes to sleeping mode after 3 minutes without any movement automatically.

Lighting output: 30 lm
Source of light: COB LED diods
Functions: 100%, Flashing, braking motion detection
Battery lifetime: 100% (2h) - 50%(4h)-25%(8h)- Flashing 100% (5h), 50% (10h), 25% (20h)
Battery charging: breathing mode (1h 30 min), Fully charged – green LED indicator on the rear part switched on
Battery type: Li-pol 3.7V 400mAh
Charging time: 1.5hrs
Measurement: 34*45mm/34*50mm (T-wing/seat post bracket)
Weight: 36g/40g (T-wing/seat post bracket)
IPX 5 (Water resistant)

Micro USB cable (included in packaging)
User manual

All common shapes and sizes of seatpost and saddles